Big And Carrie to Have Kids in Sex & the City Sequel

March 27, 2009 By:
Big And Carrie to Have Kids in Sex & the City Sequel

We’re super excited about the Sex & the City sequel, and even more interested to see the next chapter in Big and Carrie’s lives. The end of the first movie indicated that everything was finally falling into place for the two of them, and one can only assume babies are the next step!

Us Weekly caught up with Chris Noth at a premiere last night, and asked about the possibility of a mini Big or mini Carrie in the next movie. Chris answered, "Producers are probably thinking about that, but I don't know.”

They’re all so elusive about the plot all the time! But one thing that’s a definite for the next film is the budget crunch they’re on.

Sarah Jessica Parker mentioned earlier this year that she was hoping the film would be recession-friendly, meaning that it would seem inappropriate to have the ladies parading around in their Manolos at a time where real-life Americans can barely pay their bills.

She said: "Of course we will have to consider the global situation. There is a lot we have to think about now because times are very different."

It certainly wouldn’t be as fun to see Carrie, Miranda, Samantha, and Charlotte trade in their Prada shoes for Payless, but would it be more socially responsible?

You be the judge! Tell us what you’re expecting from the next SATC movie…Kids for Big and Carrie? Recession-friendly wardrobe for the ladies? Or should they not mess with a good thing?