Stars Who Forgot To Thank Their Significant Others During The Oscars

February 26, 2012 By:
Stars Who Forgot To Thank Their Significant Others During The Oscars

We can only imagine the rush a star must feel when walking on stage to accept an Academy Award. You cry, you thank everyone you know, you give a speech that will go down in Hollywood history…

Then you go back to your seat to discover your husband/wife giving you the cold shoulder because you forgot to include them in your thank-yous. Oops. Many a celebrity has overlooked their significant other while giving their Oscar speech, and we’re taking a look at a handful of them.

Hilary Swank: When Hilary won her first Academy Award in 2000 for Boys Don’t Cry, she forgot to thank her husband of three years, Chad Lowe. It was a tough one to live down. But when Hilary won her second Oscar in 2005, Lowe was the first person she thanked. Unfortunately, they divorced two years later anyway.

Sandra Bullock: She said Meryl Streep was a good kisser, but she didn’t say a thing about husband Jesse James in her 2010 Oscars speech. Did she leave him out on purpose or did she just forget? He’s probably knee deep in tattoo princesses, so does it really matter at this point?

Joanne Woodward: The legendary actress won an Academy Award for her role in The Three Faces of Eve. But during her speech, she didn’t thank her husband of two months, Paul Newman. It worked out, though. The two were married for fifty years, until his death in 2008.

Sean Penn: When he won the Oscar for his role as Harvey Milk in ‘Milk,’ Sean Penn neglected to thank his then-wife Robin Wright. They split shortly after.

Miranda Lambert: Okay, she didn’t win an Oscar. But Miranda Lambert still didn’t thank her husband, Blake Shelton, when she won a Grammy Award last year.

“I forgot!” Lambert exclaimed in the press room backstage.