Source: Jesse James Was Planning on Separating from Sandra Bullock

March 23, 2010 By:
Source: Jesse James Was Planning on Separating from Sandra Bullock

The best friend of Jesse James’ mistress has come forward with more shocking news about the state of the biker boy’s marriage to Sandra Bullock. According to Mary Gusman, their marriage was pretty much over!

Gusman spoke with Radar Online, and said Jesse had told his mistress Michelle McGee that he and Sandra were already separated, and were planning on going public with the news as soon as filming wrapped on The Blind Side.

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Gusman explained, "He said they were separated and he was going to leave his wife and go public with the separation after the filming of her movie.”

She claims Michelle said there was even a timeline in place, which gave McGee hope that her relationship could really work out with Jesse in the long run. "It gave her the green light,” said the friend.

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Despite McGee’s infatuation with James, the friend thinks she feels bad for all the pain Sandra is going through. "I think Michelle is sorry for other people getting hurt," Gusman added. "She doesn't apologize because she feels deceived by Jesse James. Of course, she does feel for what Sandra must be going through and feeling because on some level Michelle feels it too."

Wow, if that girl is looking for sympathy, she is not going to get it! It’s outrageous that she thinks she’s going through the same thing as Sandra right now!