Sandra's Speed Co-Star: I'm Very Disappointed

March 24, 2010 By:
Sandra's Speed Co-Star: I'm Very Disappointed

Everyone who has commented on the Jesse James scandal has one thing in common, and that’s their love for Sandra Bullock.

Hollyscoop talked EXCLUSIVELY with Bullock’s co-star in Speed Hawthorne James, and he expressed his disappointment in Jesse.

"She is such a nice person," he told Hollyscoop. "Just one of the most lovely people you ever wanted to meet."

We've been hearing a lot of people say that Jesse James is the new Tiger Woods, but Hawthorne thinks the pro-golfer still takes the cake. "No," Hawthorne told us. "He is nowhere near the stature of tiger." But he added, "I am very disappointed in the fact."

Although Speed was filmed over 15 years ago, Hawthorne still remembers his time on set with Sandra. He said, "I worked on that film for about 7 weeks. We were up and down that freeway for 12 hours a day sometimes we worked 16 hours a day. You are in a confined space on a bus going back and forth on a freeway and if you don’t like each other you end up killing each other."

But Hawthorne assured that he and Bullock had a great time on set. "We laughed for 6 1/2 weeks--that’s all we did." he said. "We played jokes on each other."

So what is Hawthorne's message to Sandra at this time? He told us, "Whatever's between, them that's between them. But I love her. She's really a nice lady."