Sandra Returns to Los Angeles

March 24, 2010 By:
Sandra Returns to Los Angeles

Sandra Bullock has been spotted! The actress has reportedly returned to Los Angeles after having jetted off to Austin, Texas to be with her close friends and family. Sandra owns two houses there as well.

According to X17 Online, Sandra was on board an American Airlines flight that landed in LA Tuesday night at 11PM.

According to the report, Bullock made her way through the terminal next to American Airlines and jumped into a waiting black Escalade.

Second Jesse James Mistress Comes Forward

According to an eyewitness, Sandra did not want to be seen or photographed. The source says, "Sandra did NOT want to be seen, much less photographed.

"She was not her usual smiley self. Normally she's great with us and let's us takes pictures but this was a different story. This was a woman who didn't want attention."

She did not return to the Huntington Beach home she shared with husband Jesse James. More details to come…