Sandra Communicating With Jesse Via Intermediaries

April 7, 2010 By:
Sandra Communicating With Jesse Via Intermediaries

Though Sandra Bullock refuses to take any of Jesse James’ phone calls, we hear they are communicating through a different form. According to Radar Online, the couple is speaking to each via intermediaries.

A source also says they’ve talked first hand a couple times, but that’s all Sandra could handle. “Sandra and Jesse spoke once when he left rehab,” an inside source said. “But the majority of communication has been through intermediaries. They’ve been passing messages back and forth.”

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The source also says it wasn’t Sandra’s idea for Jesse to go to sex rehab—he’s doing it as a way to prove he wants to save their marriage. Insiders say Sandra had a hunch that he was cheating on her way before the news went public, and it resulted in many screaming matches because he always denied it.

A source says of their final blowout, “[Jesse] was drinking while they were talking. He broke down in tears and tried to manipulate [Sandra] with his daughter. Immediately after that conversation he started driving to Arizona. He was going to prove to Sandra that he was serious about saving the marriage. [Jesse] went from being very demanding to being in tears. Then back to demanding again.”

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It sounds like Jesse also needs to deal with anger management issues on top of his supposed sex addiction. Sandra needs to run far away from him and never look back!