Sandra Bullock Too Embarrassed to Show Her Face

March 26, 2010 By:
Sandra Bullock Too Embarrassed to Show Her Face

While most of the focus is on Jesse James and his multiple mistresses, we still don’t know what Sandra Bullock is going through. Her rep has yet to release a statement about the ordeal, and all we know is that she’s back in the LA area after having flown to Austin, Texas to be with family and friends.

But one of Sandra’s friends has spoken out detailing how upset she is right now. “She’s devastated. She’s beyond upset. And she has every right to be,” a source told Radaronline “She was on top of the world with her Oscar victory and now this. It’s such a difficult thing to deal with.”

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Luckily, Sandra has a lot of friends and family members supporting her right now. The source continued, “She has a tight circle of friends. They won’t say much about her. They want to protect her. And that’s because she’s been nice to everyone along the way. She’s not stuck up. She doesn’t act like a star. She acts like a normal, sweet person, which is exactly what she is. And that’s why everyone is so loyal to her.”

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As for what’s next, friends of Bullock say it’s doubtful she’ll get back together with James after what he’s done to her. A friend of Sandra’s told Us Weekly,
"Knowing the kind of person she is, I'd be shocked if she contemplated going back to him.”

Another close acquaintance compared Sandra’s state of mind now to the way she was after her mother passed away. "It's as bad as when her mom died in 1997. She just can't look at him and can't talk to him,” said the pal.

Another says she’s embarrassed about including Jesse in her acceptance speech for Best Actress now that this has come out. "She feels embarrassed to show her face after giving that Oscar speech," the source adds. "He ruined her life.”

It makes perfect sense. This is almost like a death, since now Jesse has gone from husband to stranger in one day. But in no way should Sandra be embarrassed for loving someone she believed to be a good person. She was duped, and we can’t imagine anyone blaming her for marrying him.