Sandra Bullock: There Is No Sex Tape

April 6, 2010 By:
Sandra Bullock: There Is No Sex Tape

Sandra Bullock wants to make herself very clear: there is absolutely no sex tape!

"There is no sex tape," she says in a statement to People magazine. "There never has been one and there never will be one."

There were rumors circulating on the internet that Sandra had made over a dozen homemade sex tapes with husband Jesse James, but obviously the reports weren't true.

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We also heard that there is some tapes featuring Jesse and his mistresses in some...compromising positions...but Jesse's camp has yet to release a statement about those.

“Most of the tapes feature a mass amount of Nazi paraphernalia,” an insider tells Radar Online. “It’s all really quite disturbing.”

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So who's in what tape doing what? We know Sandra's not in any of them, but you just never know with Jesse!