Sandra Bullock Swears Off Men

June 17, 2010 By:
Sandra Bullock Swears Off Men

Sandra Bullock has been through such hell with Jesse James, that sources say she’s sworn herself off men completely.

According to, friends of the actress fear she’ll never be able to fully open up to anyone again after the way James broke her heart and ruined their marriage.

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A friend of Bullock’s tells them she’s always been a little wary of men, but the past few months has scarred her for life.

"Sandy has always had trust issues with men. However, with Jesse, she finally thought she had found the man who would always have her back. Someone she could trust to protect her heart.” said a friend.

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“Sandy thought the relationship was so strong that she even brought a child into their lives. After what Jess has done to her, I doubt she will ever be able to fully trust a man again."

We can’t imagine how Sandra feels right now, but in a way, little Louis is like a savior! She’s probably so happy she has him to share her life with right now. And hopefully, in the future, she’ll be able to trust someone again.

We’re sure there are plenty of men out there who would die to be with someone like her!