Sandra Bullock: Scared About Oscar Nom, Not Her Dress

February 16, 2010 By:
Sandra Bullock: Scared About Oscar Nom, Not Her Dress

Every Oscar nominee fears the minutes leading up to the time when their category is announced. But picking out a designer to work with for the Academy Awards can be equally as scary—especially for the ladies!

Hollyscoop spoke with Oscar nom Sandra Bullock about the nightmare of finding the perfect dress, and what it’s like to be in the top echelon of Hollywood actors.

We asked Sandra if she believed she deserved all the accolades she’s receiving for her role in the Blind Side. “That is such a hard question because you are setting us up to fail. I know I work really hard but just because I work hard doesn’t mean the elements come together to make a good performance or film,” said Bullock.

In fact, despite the general public expecting Sandra to be nominated, she said she was startled when the phone call came in. “I literally was asleep when the phone rang,” she explained.

“I don't think anyone expects it but if they do how great must that
feel when they get it. I did not want to be one of those people that when it didn’t come which I was unprepared for I wouldn’t be all of a sudden crushed and realized I had set everything up to this moment and did not realized how crushed I would be.”

Despite the good news, Sandra told Hollyscoop the nomination freaks her out more than anything else. She tells us, “I have been thinking a lot about that what to do next. I don’t know what can possibly compare to this moment or energy. I decided not to look at work until this is all over so I can make some real judgment and keep doing what I always have, which is producing some interesting films and then some special films and I don’t want to stop doing that.”

She continued, “There are some things I still want to do because of this honor and what I
have been given these past couple months. I really have an obligation to not
step back even the smallest bit. I really feel an obligation to better my
work and keep at it.”

As for Sandra’s Oscar gown, she admits she hasn’t made it a top priority. “I am so behind, today is
the first time I actually saw one dress…” Bullock confessed. “I am oddly relaxed because it’s
someone else’s job to finally stick thousand of pleats and jewels into a
gorgeous thing that will make you look divine. Look, if I have to wear a
trash bag I will belt it with rhinestones and make it work. I am not
panicking because there are so many beautiful things out there someone will
not want to wear something and I will get it.”

We love Sandra’s laid-back attitude about how she’ll look! She seems focused on the big picture, which is where her career will be taking her after this amazing nomination. And that’s what counts in this town—longevity!