Sandra Bullock Preparing to File for Divorce

April 5, 2010 By:
Sandra Bullock Preparing to File for Divorce

Sandra Bullock has been completely MIA since news of her husbands cheating scandal went public. Even when she reappeared for a hot minute, no one could see her or reach her for comment.

We do know that a lot of activity went down at the Bullock/James household this past weekend. Movers were spotted at their marital home moving out tons of boxes and we heard that Jesse James quietly left rehab, although he was supposed to remain there for 45 days.

Moving Trucks Move Things From Sandra's House

Sources close to Jesse claim he bolted from rehab after hearing about the movers at this house and when Sandra wouldn't accept any of his phone calls. Sources close to Sandra's camp say she's preparing to file for divorce, which is really bad news for Jesse.

Jesse's lawyer claims he's a "broken man" now and would do anything to save his marriage to Sandra, but it looks like Sandy just can't get over the fact that he cheated on her with at least five other women.

Jesse James Quietly Leaves Rehab

Sandra's been staying at a Hollywood Hills home she purchased before she married Jesse, but with the dozens of paparazzi's camped outside her home, we bet she'll be on the move soon too. Stay tuned for more details!