Sandra Bullock Hires Security to Protect Her

April 2, 2010 By:
Sandra Bullock Hires Security to Protect Her

Sandra Bullock is back in LA, but she’s still in hiding. But just to make sure the paparazzi leaves her alone, she’s hired security for her own safety.

According to X17 Online, Bullock has brought on two security guards to watch over her home in the Hollywood Hills.

She felt like she was forced to do it after the media was alerted that she left her home yesterday. Sandra was spotted in a black Mercedes and headed to a friend’s house.

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Photographers, news crews, and paparazzi stormed her property after learning where it was, so Sandra called the cops to intervene.

Now she’s got security to keep them all away. A photographer on the scene said, "There are two men hanging out near Sandra's driveway. They seem harmless enough - they're just keeping an eye on things. I wonder if they will break out the protective tarps when she leaves the house to block us from getting pictures."

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We don’t blame her! They need to give her a little privacy! It’s not like she would ever give the photogs a good shot anyway.