Sandra Bullock Blindsided By Jesse's New Tell All Book

April 22, 2011 By:
Sandra Bullock Blindsided By Jesse's New Tell All Book

Sandra Bullock is reportedly furious with ex hubby Jesse
James over his upcoming tell-all book American Outlaw.

As if he didn’t cause this woman enough pain and heartache,
he’s reportedly included very detailed accounts of his affairs. And just
looking at sleazy Jesse, you know they’re going to be vulgar details.

A source told this week’s Closer magazine: “He didn’t warn
her about the book at all – she had no idea he was even considering it until
after he’d signed the contract. She’s devastated. Sandra’s told Jesse they can
no longer be friends – even for the kids’ sake. She decided she has to herself
first. She couldn’t deal with him anymore.”

Jesse, who would do anything for a quick buck at this point,
admits his book is going to be super raw and detailed.

He said: “I've lived a pretty crazy life. My life has been
defined by many things and I just wanted [the memoir] to be a good story.
People claim to know everything about me, when they actually know nothing. But
once you read this, you will know everything – the whole story, right here."

Good news is D-bag Jesse is now Kat Von D’s problem. They’re
engaged to be married, which means this time next year we’ll be reading about
his new affair. Poor Kat has no idea what she’s getting herself into.