Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds to Share the Big Screen Again

August 31, 2011 By:
Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds to Share the Big Screen Again

Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds are adding fuel to the are-they-aren't-they dating fire. These two are apparently working on a new project together. It's an animated comedy series called "And Then There Was Gordon" written by Ryan and "Just Go With It" writer Allan Loeb. Both Sandra and Ryan are lending their voicing and Sandra is also executive producing.

So when Ryan visited Sandra's house on Monday on his motorcycle they were probably just talking about "work stuff." LIES. No man shows up at his platonic "just friends" house on a motorcycle looking all "motorcycle hot" and wants us to believe they are just going over lines. You could put Stephen Hawking on a motorcycle and some women out there would get weak in the knees.

The premise of their new cartoon is a show about an ordinary child surrounded by his prodigy siblings and brilliant mother. Sandra plays the boys mother and no word yet on who Ryan will voice. Hopefully, it's not the little boy. If they truly are dating and she's playing his mom...uggghhh I may be the only person in the world who is anti the Reynolds/Bullock hook-up...the whole cougar thing, is no-one else having recurring Demi Moore/Ashton Kutcher nightmares?

Moving on, their new TV show will be developed with Ryan and Allan's TV production company, Darkfire, which they previously announced that they are going to focus on animated comedy projects like "Family Guy."

That's not all, the two are also going to star opposite one another again on the big screen in "Most Wanted." The two will team up again with "The Proposal" screenwriter Pete Chiarelli and director Anne Fletcher. Except this new film doesn't sound like a cutie pie romantic comedy like "The Proposal," it's more of an action based romantic comedy.

The movie tells the story of a suspect (Sandra) who is escorted by an FBI agent (Ryan) to a court hearing, plans go awry when the duo are attacked and forced to go on the run. I'm sure they also fall in love along the way and have to profess their adoration of one another as they run away from burning buildings blah blah blah. I'm already adding this to my netflix queue.

Some more back story on the Sandra-and-Ryan-are-probably-hooking-up story. They both have recently divorced. They were spotted partying together this New Year in Texas. Sandra showed up unexpectedly at the premiere of Ryan's movie, "The Change-Up." They were hiking together a few weeks ago with Ryan carrying Sandra's son on his back. And now he's riding his motorcycle to her house?! In the middle of the day?! And they are making movies together!? And doing voice-overs together?!

This is a classic case of a Hollywood romance, from saying that they are "just friends" to "just working on a movie together" to "just married" this has got relationship written all over it.