Sandra and Jesse Are Talking Again

June 24, 2010 By:
Sandra and Jesse Are Talking Again

Jesse James cheated on and publicly humiliated Sandra Bullock, but she's has decided to forgive him (just a little) and they're on speaking terms now.

“Sandra and Jesse are talking,” a pal told PopEater. “Most of the conversations are focused on the children, but occasionally Jesse makes her laugh and they forget for a second what he did to her.

Jesse James Creeping Closer to Sandra

Jesse is packing his bags and moving closer to Sandra because he can't stand the possibility of not having her in his life, and apparently she's cool with that.

The source continued, “Of course, Sandra misses him. You don’t just stop loving someone because they cheated.

“The divorce is definitely still on, but could I see them getting remarried down the road? It’s not impossible.”

We hope that remarried part was a joke. After what he did to her, reconciliation shouldn't even been discussed right now. Right now Sandra's only concern should be her adorable little son Louis. Do you think she should give Jesse another chance?