Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock Spotted in Wyoming Together

August 17, 2011 By:
Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock Spotted in Wyoming Together

Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds are still steadfastly denying their relationship, but come on, guys. Who are you fooling?

The couple and Bullock's adopted son, Louis, spent the weekend together in Wyoming. TMZ posted photos of Sandra and Ryan hiking through Grand Teton National Park. Reynolds carried Louis in a backpack carrier on his back while Bullock and a friend walked behind.

What are these two waiting for, the wedding photos to surface before they come out as a couple? They've apparently been vacationing with friends in Jackson Hole, where Bullock's father owns a home.

Reynolds, 34, and Bullock, 47, became friends on the set of The Proposal. And even though they already look like the perfect couple, they're still "just friends."

A friend told Us Magazine, "They're very close and talk together a lot. It would make sense for them to pair up romantically, but for now, they're just friends."

Well, who can blame them on that one? After Bullock's awful divorce from Jesse James, she's probably having a difficult time trusting her own judgment. And Reynolds nabbed one of the hottest young actresses in Hollywood, only to have her file for divorce and date Sean Penn.

"They commiserate over failed relationships," another friend says.

Forget eHarmony, there's nothing that will get two people together faster than complaining about their past relationships.

But Bullock isn't the only lady Reynolds has been linked to. Back in July, we all thought he was dating Charlize Theron. A source claimed "they're exclusive."

Well, Charlize is gonna be pissed when she sees these pictures.

The month before that, Reynolds was rumored to be dating Olivia Wilde. The couple were supposedly cuddling up together at The Troubadour in West Hollywood. Then again, Olivia Wilde has been linked to nearly every Hollywood Hunk since her divorce. We just refuse to believe someone that hot can be that single.

A more random hookup rumor making the rounds? Sandra and Keanu Reeves. In May, reports surfaced that Sandra turned to Keanu for a shoulder to cry on about her divorce.

"Keanu spoke to her for hours, night after night," said a source.

So far, it looks like the Ryan/Sandra hookup is the most likely. Sure, maybe they were just hiking. Maybe they just vacationed together and slept in separate beds. Maybe Ryan was just babysitting Sandra's child. But you've got to really like someone to watch their kid. I can't even get someone to feed my cat when I'm out of town.