Report: Jesse James Won't Get Any of Sandra's Money

April 5, 2010 By:
Report: Jesse James Won't Get Any of Sandra's Money

All we have to say is, good thing Sandra Bullock signed a prenup! Now that the actress is reportedly planning on filing for divorce from Jesse James, details on the contract have been revealed.

According to a new report, the prenup states that James gets nothing if he cheats during his marriage to Bullock. A source tells Radar Online,
“If she divorces Jesse and proves he was cheating, which won’t be hard, Sandra won’t have to pay Jesse anything.”

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The cat is pretty much out of the bag on that one, given the fact that Jesse himself admitted to the affairs! Insiders say he was the one who confessed that there were seven women total.

“Now that so many women have come forward and James has admitted cheating, he stands to get nothing from a divorce. Even so, he is still hoping to save the marriage and has told Bullock he will do whatever it takes,” added the source.

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People close to the situation say Sandra isn’t too worried about the money right now. “Right now Sandra is not thinking about the money,” the source said. “She’s protected financially. She’s just trying to deal with this mess.”

We hope he doesn’t get a dime from her!