Michelle McGee Ruined Sandra's Marriage Out of "Boredom"

May 6, 2010 By:
Michelle McGee Ruined Sandra's Marriage Out of

Michelle Trashy McGee sure has a mouth on her! Not only did she go public with dirty details about her alleged affair with Jesse James, she's hoping to stretch her 15 minutes by continuing to talk about him.

Michelle admits that she started sleeping with Jesse out of sheer "boredom." She claims she "Had nothing better to do."

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"It was a sexual thing," the tattooed model and stripper explained on Howard Stern's Sirius XM radio show. "I also wished it was a relationship -- but I wasn't in love with him."

She claims they had sex "two to three, four times a night, two times a week," often on James' coffin-shaped couch at his office. Jesse reportedly never took her to the house he shared with Sandra Bullock.

When asked if Jesse would wear a condom during sex, she told Howard, "That's just too personal...I was on birth control pills, so I wasn't afraid of getting pregnant."

All we're gonna say is Karma's a bitch Michelle! You have it coming, and when the shit hits the fan for you, we'll all be thinking you deserve it!