Kat Von D Wants to Replace Sandra Bullock

February 25, 2011 By:
Kat Von D Wants to Replace Sandra Bullock

I still can’t believe Jesse James gave up an Oscar-winner for this walking coloring book, but the wedding is still on. And now a friend of Kat Von D’s is telling In Touch that Kat wants Sandra Bullock away from Jesse’s children.

During their marriage, Sandra became very close to James’ children, saying, “I don’t want to know what life is like without those kids.”

The source says that Kat has been trying to win the kids over, but they still don’t like her because they’re upset Sandra has left. Well, no sh-t. They’re probably wondering why the nice lady left and now this “scary painted man who sounds like Darth Vader keeps saying things to me.”

“It upsets Kat that no matter how much she tries, the kids keep talking about ‘Sandra this and Sandra that,’” says the source.
Probably because her idea of ‘trying’ is saying “HERE PLAY WITH THESE.”, and throwing some tattoo needles and pentagrams on the floor.

Sandra still texts James' kids and keeps in touch with them. According to , she’s told them that she’s “never more than a phone call away.”