Jesse's Mistress Wants Face Time With Sandra Bullock

April 23, 2010 By:
Jesse's Mistress Wants Face Time With Sandra Bullock

Jesse James’ mistress Michelle “Bombshell” McGee just won’t shut up! She’s speaking up yet again about the whole scandal. And not only does she feel sorry for Sandra Bullock for helping to ruin her marriage, now she wants to talk to her.

She tells Life & Style, "I'm not begging for anyone's forgiveness, but if Sandra would like to have a woman-to-woman talk, I would be open to it."

Sandra to Jesse James: Screw You!

Who does this woman think she is, a shrink?! McGee adds, "I would like to sit down with Sandra and speak one-on-one. I'd let her ask me questions, and I would be honest and open with her about the affair. If that would help her heal, I would do it."

We love how this woman actually believes that Sandra would ever waste an ounce of time on a trashy stripper who had sex with her husband. The nerve of her! It just goes to show how much self-entitlement goes along with being a fame whore now.