Jesse James Slams Sandra Bullock: She's Just "Some Hollywood Actress"

December 6, 2011 By:
Jesse James Slams Sandra Bullock: She's Just

And then he crushed a beer can on his head and went out “shootin’ fer varmins.”

Jesse James has been in the spotlight ever since his five-year marriage to Sandra Bullock came to a highly-publicized end in 2010. After Bullock won the Academy Award that year, it was exposed that James had cheated on her with tattoo model Michelle “Bombshell” McGee.

And somehow, through all of that, Jesse is the one complaining about the marriage. Speaking on the TV show American Chopper: The Build Off, James said: "I became a big shot and married some Hollywood actress and didn't talk to anybody anymore, so I feel bad."

He added that he wanted to reconnect with old friends.

"I feel obligated to reconnect with all these people and show 'em that I'm still the same fabricator motorcycle guy. I'm not what I became.”

James also told the Los Angeles Times: "I think people are tired of hearing about my personal life and ready to see me work again.”

He added: “People have almost forgot that I am one of the best in the world at what I do."

At this point, I’m not sure if he’s talking about motorcycles or banging other women. Recently, James’ former fiancée, Kat Von D, claimed he cheated on her with 19 different women. We were shocked. That it was only 19.

Jesse says that he currently isn’t into dating because “it’s an energy sucker.”

Yeah, man. Trying to get the blood to rush from your crotch to your brain will take it out of you. Might as well run a marathon.

He also says he prefers to “drink mineral water and watch a jazz trip” than go out partying.

“People act like I'm out at strip clubs every night and having sex orgies, and you know what? I'm at home with my kids every day and working,” James explains. “It would be great to have the perfect woman and have a real relationship. I tried to force all that to happen, and it didn't…I don't have that great a social life. I ride my bike to a friend's club. I sit in the back and drink mineral water and watch a jazz trio play for a couple hours and then I ride home. That's how I get down, man.”

He added: "I'm a single dad to three kids, and that's 99 per cent of my life. The other 1 per cent is my work and creativity and being devoted to that.”