Jesse James' Mistress Paid $30K for Her Story

March 18, 2010 By:
Jesse James' Mistress Paid $30K for Her Story

Wonder why alleged mistresses wait to come forward to tell their stories? It’s all about the Benjamins! Jesse James’ girl on the side, Michelle McGee, was apparently offered $30,000 to come forward with her cheating story.

Sources tell website that In Touch offered McGee 30 grand for the tell-all interview, which included intimate conversations shared between her and James.

Insiders tell the site that Michelle knew full well that Jesse and Sandra Bullock were still together when the affair began, and that she was hoping it would be her ticket to stardom—or as she called it, becoming a “mainstream celebrity.”


Of course, in her interview with In Touch, Michelle claims she didn’t know Jesse was married. She also went into gruesome detail about their affair, including the fact that he didn’t wear underwear or a condom during intercourse, and that she called him the “Vanilla Gorilla” because he’s well endowed.

McGee also saved text messages that she claims were sent back and forth between her and Jesse, though it’s hard to prove they’re actually real. Obviously this chick knew what she was doing the entire time, and knew it would give her 15 minutes of fame...and a little extra cash.