Jesse James' Daughter is Confused: Another Mom?!

January 25, 2011 By:
Jesse James' Daughter is Confused: Another Mom?!

It's pretty obvious at this point that Jesse James is a tool that only thinks with his second head.

Just months after getting a divorce from Sandra Bullock, he's already engaged to his new girl, Kat Von D.

His poor little girl Sunny is apparently so confused (she loved Sandra!) about all the changes that Sandy had to sit her down and explain that her Dad's a douche all the changes.

“Sandra loves Sunny with all her heart and will always be in her life. However, she also knows that [Sunny] will have a new mommy soon and will do whatever she needs to do to make sure Jesse’s new wife and Sunny have a great relationship even if that means taking a step away,” a source told the PopEater website.

“Sandra thought Jesse would never be able to hurt her again, but she was wrong. When Jesse was in rehab it was Sandy who was a mother to his little girl. Despite what Jesse did, Sandra never walked away from Sunny."

Sunny loved Sandra so much she considered her her only mother. Her real mom is a cracked out druggie that's been in and out of rehab and jail for the past 5 years. Yup, Jesse knows how to pick 'em! I'll never understand what Sandra saw in him.