Christina Applegate Twitters to Try and Save Samantha Who

May 28, 2009 By:
Christina Applegate Twitters to Try and Save Samantha Who

Christina Applegate isn’t taking no for an answer! She’s trying anything she can to save her show Samantha Who? which just got axed from the ABC lineup.

For the past week, Christina has been using the celeb-friendly Twitter to ask fans for help in bringing her show back to life. In one Tweet, she wrote, “I am getting a ton of grief for my shameless plugging. Silly. I say why the heck not. I have time on my hands now.”

Call it silly, but other shows have been saved by fan petitions before. So anything is possible! Chuck, Jericho, and Friday Night Lights have all been brought back by fan appreciation, so don’t count Samantha Who? out of the running!

Since her first Tweet on 21st, Christina has acquired over 6000 followers, and she’s not stopping there. She says, “Ultimate goal 1 million. Save Samantha trending topic. Crazy? yes. Impossible? Anything is possible.”

And Christina isn’t left doing all the dirty work. Her fans are right there with her, and have created an online petition, which already has 13,000 signatures! Christina has shown her appreciation, writing, “I have to say, I have never felt so supported. I'm moved by all of you. Had no idea that you all were out there! xo.”

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