Star Tours Forcing Samantha Ronson Out of Her House

July 9, 2009 By:
Star Tours Forcing Samantha Ronson Out of Her House

Lindsay Lohan's on-again off-again girlfriend Samantha Ronson is the latest "celebrity" to fall victim to Star Tours.

The DJ, who gained fame after dating Lindsay, is going to put her house up for sale because Star Tours has discovered where she lives and a bus comes outside her house every day and insults her over the mic.

Samantha wrote on her Twitter page: “just sitting at home and heard a "star tour" bus go by my house and insult me over a loud speaker-think i'll put nails out tomorrow. Seriously there are real famous people in this city – can’t they go and bother them? no kidding.... i feel sorry for anyone who pays for that tour.

“That’s why I plan on moving. best part- they said that because i'm so talentless Mark had to buy me my house... hmmm- it's a rental- dips**t. (sic).”

She later posted: “just told "star tour" guide to shut the f**k up- might not have been the best idea- but i just woke up- my brain isn't awake yet. i'm highly disappointed in myself- i'm usually far more creative than that- hate resorting to profanity! (sic)”

So if anyone is interested in purchasing the home that was the battleground for 90% of Lindsay and Samantha's fights, it'll be up for sale soon!