Samantha Ronson on Being Single Again: "I Love It"

April 10, 2009 By:
Samantha Ronson on Being Single Again:

If Lindsay Lohan was hoping for some kind of reconciliation with Samantha Ronson, it's not looking good!

While Samantha was relatively unknown before she started dating Lindsay, she actually had a slew of celebrity friends--all of whom are really happy the couple has split.

The latest celebrity extending his support on the couples split is Fall Out Boy star Pete Wentz. He took to his Twitter account (of course!) to send his best wishes to the DJ.

He wrote: "It feels so good to get your name back. I get it. Celebrate."
And Ronson is clearly delighted to be single again, replied: "I love it. I feel like a newborn!"

Samantha's probably happy she doesn't have to call a repairman every week to fix all the broken windows and appliances in her home anymore. Because when Lindsay and Sam fought, they fought!

Just a few weeks before the breakup, cops had to be called to her Los Angeles home after something went flying out of a window! That doesn't exactly sound like the healthiest relationship. What are your thoughts on the split? Were you disappointed or happy it finally ended?