Samantha Ronson Faces Criminal Investigation over Dog Attack

August 31, 2010 By:
Samantha Ronson Faces Criminal Investigation over Dog Attack
Samantha Ronson is in the news this week over something not Lindsay Lohan related. Sadly, her bulldog Cadillac mauled a small Maltese in her apartment building, killing him.

Now, Ronson is reportedly at the center of a probe by animal control officials. "It's a pending criminal prosecution," Deputy Director Michelle Roache of the Los Angeles Department of Animal Care and Control tells E!. "The attack is substantial."

"It's all up to the courts whether or not a person is going to lose the right to own the dog, or that the dog be euthanized, or that there's restrictions against the dog," says Roache.

"They vary from [sentences where] the person can't own any dogs in the county of Los Angeles, to the court demanding the dog for euthanasia, or a lot of times they have to pay a fine. I haven't seen people jailed for an incident like this."

As for Sam, she’s reportedly sent her dog to New York to be with her family. Ronson has expressed how sad she is about the horrific incident. She tweeted last night, "I feel incredibly sad and wish I could offer more than condolences, unfortunately there are no words to describe how sorry I am."

We feel so bad for the dog’s owner, but we also feel for Sam! This reflects on her whether she likes it or not, and we’re sure it was just a matter of her bulldog snapping.