Salma Hayek's Husband is Linda Evangelista's Baby Daddy

July 1, 2011 By:
Salma Hayek's Husband is Linda Evangelista's Baby Daddy

Watch out, Arnold Schwarzenegger, there’s new superhuman sperm in town. Francois-Henri Pinault, the billionaire fashion businessman and husband of Salma Hayek, has fathered another woman’s baby, according to The New York Post.

And not just any other woman. It’s Linda Evangelista, the former supermodel, who refused to name the father of her son when he was born.

Evangelista gave birth to Augustin James in October 2006. Hayek gave birth to her daughter, Ventina Paloma, less than a year later, in September 2007. Salma and Francois had a brief split in early 2006. They then broke up again in July 2008, and eventually married in 2009.

I’m no mathematician, but it seems like there’s some overlapping here. Most likely Salma Hayek was trying to figure it out herself, then got confused and said, “f-ck it, I want my Gucci money.”

Pinault has two more children from his previous marriage, bringing his grand total to four. Which means we’ll probably see him on an upcoming episode of Maury.

Despite the rumors, Evangelista’s rep denied that Pinault was the father back in 2007. Evangelista has kept the child’s paternity top secret, even lying to protect Pinault. But on Thursday, she came to court hoping to settle a support agreement with him.

“Francois…you ARE the father!” (audience gasp and Salma running offstage)