Salma Hayek Won't Baptize Daughter

March 26, 2008 By:
Salma Hayek Won't Baptize Daughter

Oh oh! Salma Hayek's parent's aren't going to be thrilled about this one! First Salma said she wasn't going to marry her baby daddy and now she says she won't baptize little Valentina Paloma, which clashes with her parents' religious beliefs.

Salma's producer pal Felipe Fernandez del Paso recently spent Easter with her and has confirmed that Valentina won't be christened.

He tells, "The little girl is about to turn six months old. She's beautiful. Salma doesn't want her to be baptized because she just doesn't feel like it."

Because she doesn't feel like it? Come on buddy, you gotta do better than that! And what's with 'pals' always snitching on their celebrity friends to the press?