Salma Hayek on Having a Successful Relationship in Hollywood

October 24, 2011 By:
Salma Hayek on Having a Successful Relationship in Hollywood

Salma Hayek is living the good life. She’s married to fashion tycoon Francois-Henri Pinault and has been enjoying being mom to four year-old daughter Valentia Paloma.

Hollyscoop caught up with Salma at the Puss in Boots Los Angeles movie premiere to get her advice on how to keep a relationship going:

“Oh my god,” Salma gushed to us. “Love each other.”

Hayek lends her vocal talents to the upcoming flick Puss In Boots, alongside Antonio Banderas. She showed up to the premiere of the movie with her daughter, who wanted to bring their dog.

"Valentina wanted to bring one dog. I said 'No, never to premiere,'" said Hayek. "This one especially it was a 'no.'"

And while Salma has several upcoming flicks in the works, she reveals what her favorite role is:

“I'm in a very comfortable position because, [even] if I never worked again and am just a housewife and a mother, I'm happy. I really am. I was born to be a wife and a mother."

Indeed, she was. And here’s proof. In 2009, during a UNICEF trip to Sierra Leone, Hayek served as a wet nurse to a week-old baby whose mother couldn’t produce milk. Her humanitarian work got her a nomination for the VH1 Do Something Awards.

Hayek’s husband, Francois-Henri Pinault, is a French billionaire who runs a huge fashion empire. His company owns Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent and Balenciaga. And while that would catch any gal’s eye, none of that is what ended up winning Salma over.

"I found a man better than any man I could ever in my life imagine existed,” Salma says. “He found me, actually. I wasn't even looking."

And even though Hayek has become one of the most celebrated actresses in Hollywood, she told Latina magazine her life didn’t pan out exactly how she wanted it.

"To be your own woman, you have to question who you really are and what it is you really want – and you have to have a level of acceptance of what you can do,” Hayek explains. “The things I expected of myself when I was 20 did not happen, or did not happen the way I imagined they would, and it's okay. Let's just take this one day at a time and do the best that I can and be grateful for the things I do have."