Salma Hayek Calls the Paparazzi Freaks

October 20, 2009 By:
Salma Hayek Calls the Paparazzi Freaks

Salma Hayek who has a new movie coming out where she plays a bearded woman who is a part of a freak show thinks that the real freaks are the paparazzi.

She is not a fan of the men behind those cameras who follow her around and snap pics.

“What’s freaky is the guy behind the camera who is desperate and so excited because he’s seeing you walk into a supermarket,” Salma says. “I think that’s freaky. They’re the freaks. I’m not the freak. I’m attacked by the freaks. That’s the strange part. I hate it.”

We rarely see Salma Hayek smile during a paparazzi shot so it's pretty obvious how she feels about them. Now we know that she just thinks they are freaks.