Salma Hayek Breastfed Another Woman's Baby

February 11, 2009 By:
Salma Hayek Breastfed Another Woman's Baby

Salma Hayek is so fond of breastfeeding (and babies) that she once breastfed another woman's baby.

During a recent trip to Sierra Leone with UNICEF, Salma breastfed a starving child of a women who didn't have any milk.

Appearing on Thursday's Today show, Hayek simply nodded as host Kathie Lee Gifford asked, "You found a child that was starving to death, the mother had no milk - and you nursed that baby?"

Salma added, "It's about women sticking together and we really need to help the children in any way we can."

Speaking about the benefits of breast feeding, Salma explains, "It is the best thing you can do for your child, not only the bonding, that's how you build the immune system, so in a country like Africa imagine how important it is for the mothers to do that.

"But there is the belief that if you are breastfeeding you cannot have a sexual life, so the husbands of these women are really encouraging them to stop and this is just a taboo."

Her breasts have certainly made headlines in the past before, but this time they were for a good cause. We commend her for going out of her way to help save a child.