'The Dictator' Wants You To Buy Armored Cars Inspired By Film

April 20, 2012 By:
'The Dictator' Wants You To Buy Armored Cars Inspired By Film

Where other films settle for trailers to promote their release, "The Dictator" uses propaganda.

Surely you remember Sacha Baron Cohen's arrival to the Oscars this past February where, dressed as his character in the upcoming film, the actor "powdered" the red carpet and Ryan Seacrest’s tux with what was said to be Kim Jong Il’s ashes.

With the film's May 11 release date just around the corner, Cohen - aka General Aladeen – can’t help but keep popping up in the media with promos for the much-anticipated comedy.

His latest media stunt is a hilarious press release from the “Office of Propaganda” selling limited edition gold cars.

Peppered with jokes, the release conveyed a message from General Aladeen of Wadiya himself, granting permission for Dartz Motorz, manufacturer of luxury armored vehicles, to offer limited edition commemorative vehicles inspired by the film.


“Like civil rights in Wadiya, this offer will not be around for long,” the release stated.

The Aladeen Edition Dartz Motorz PROMBRON armored vehicles will be on display at the Top Marques Monaco show. Monaco is a small city state slapped on the map near the edge France and northern Italy. The exclusive state-of-the-art car show self dubbed as the “only live supercar show in the world,” runs from April 19-22.

Got a couple trust funds handy?

Ten of these rare vehicles will be for sale at the show. MSRP ranges from $500,000 - $750,000 dollars.

But don’t worry. None of the proceeds will benefit the underprivileged people of the fictional Wadiya.

The PROMBRON is advertised as the most maneuverable and expensive luxury/armored/awesome vehicle in the world. All models come equipped with 3” ionized glass, a shiny gold exterior, and champagne bottle chillers.

If you are planning on a quick trip to Monaco for a look at these beastly vehicles, just be careful where you sign.

According to the release, “By purchasing one of these vehicles you are also legally agreeing to have sex with Aladeen.”

Ummm, that's one way to do it!