Sacha Baron Cohen Debuts Trailer for The Dictator

December 16, 2011 By:
Sacha Baron Cohen Debuts Trailer for The Dictator

Sacha Baron Cohen was Borat. He was Bruno. Now he is The Dictator. After I've been hearing good things about this movie, for like, ever, the trailer for The Dictator is finally here.

In The Dictator, Cohen plays a dictator/tyrant not unlike Gaddafi and Saddam and the trailer opens with footage of President Obama and Secretary of State Hilary Clinton talking about some horrible tyrant controlling some unknown foreign country for several decades and your first reaction is "How'd they get Barack Obama in this movie" but then also "Oh shoot, is this a comedy?"

But then, true to form, the hilariously inappropriate Sacha Baron Cohen emerges onscreen in the most ridiculous wig/beard you've ever seen as he rides through NYC on a camel and shouts, "Ahh, America, the birthplace of AIDS!" Heyo, not serious at all, really.

So yeah, the movie unfolds around that premise, a ruthless tyrant is now loose in America - hilarity ensues.

So much is happening in this trailer! The president is in it! John. C Reily is in it! Megan Fox is in it! Wait, what?

The trailer sees a cameo from Megan Fox, who plays a version of herself and after sleeping with Cohen's character he claims, "Megan, you were worth every penny" and then hands over several rubies and a gold watch, to which Megan responds, "A ruby? Is this a joke? What am I? A Kardashian?" and Cohen says "No, of course not, you are much less hairy."


The movie hits theaters May 2012, but until then we can all just talk about how much we can't wait for the new Sacha Baron Cohen flick.