Sacha Baron Cohen Apologizes to Ryan Seacrest For Spilling Ashes

May 9, 2012 By:
Sacha Baron Cohen Apologizes to Ryan Seacrest For Spilling Ashes

Remember when Sacha Baron Cohen spilled fake ashes all over Ryan Seacrest in a planned PR stunt at the Oscars this year? And then Ryan made his “surprised” face, which is very similar to his “You just won ‘American Idol’” face? Now Sacha Baron Cohen is finally apologizing for it!

Even though Ryan Seacrest probably signed a gazillion dollar million contract to allow Cohen to spill the ashes on him, Seacrest revealed that A) Cohen apologized for the incident and B) He wasn’t the first choice A-Lister for the stunt.

Seacrest was hanging out backstage at SNL when he saw Cohen’s wife Isla Fisher.

“I saw Isla Fisher and I said 'hi,' and she said these words, and then it dawned on me. She said, ‘I apologize for my husband.’ And I said, ‘Oh, yes, yes, gotcha, thank you, thank you very much for saying that’…I didn’t realize her husband, [was] The Dictator, Sacha Baron Cohen.”

After Cohen did his quick cameo on SNL, he headed straight over to Seacrest.

"He comes off stage, comes over to me, breaks character and says sorry about the Oscars, it wasn’t personal,” Seacrest recalls, adding that Cohen was “very apologetic and genuine and kind and sweet.”

Not only that, but Cohen originally waned to spill the ashes on George Clooney and NOT Ryan Seacrest.

“Originally he said that they were going to spill whatever was in that urn on George Clooney. Someone decided that wasn’t a great idea because he was up for a lot of nominations, it was a big night that night,” says Seacrest, “Then they somehow spun the wheel of tragedy and landed on my name.”