Bruno Goes Buff for GQ

June 16, 2009 By:
Bruno Goes Buff for GQ

Bruno has posed naked for the latest issue of GQ magazine! And he looks almost as good as Jennifer Aniston doing it!

Sacha Baron Cohen didn’t come out of character for a second for his interview in the July issue of the mag. He even took some questions from his fans, including how to achieve Zac Efron hair, and the typical protocol for “manscaping.”

Here are some of the “fan” questions:

Q: Hey, Brüno, I recently started collecting unemployment. Any style tips for someone on a tight budget?

"Times are hard, but if you shop around und are prepared to vear some things twice before throwing zem avay, it is
still possible to look good on a clothing budget of about $20,000 a veek. Ich mean, obwiously you vill need a bit more zan zat if you are planning on leaving ze house."

Q: Dear Brüno, is it okay to “manscape” down there?

"It’s more zan okay; it is most essential. Be careful if you do it yourself, though—yesterday ich tried to self-wax mein arschenhaller und glued meinself to ze bed. Manscaping ist important, but not as crucial as getting regular anal bleaching. If Brüno didn’t get his schmutziger arschenhaller bleached twice a month, his shtinker vould resemble Dizzy Gillespie during a trumpet solo. In Austria anal bleaching ist considered so important zat it’s paid for by ze state. In fact, you cannot run for office if you don’t have a vhite arschwitz. Indeed, ex-chancellor Kurt Waldheim vas elected on ze back of a prishtine anus. Zere are added benefits to getting ze bleaching—on my last session, mein beautician, Klaus, found ze long-lost head of a David Beckham action figure up zere."

Q: Dear Brüno, how can I get some “Efron hair”? Or at least some “Pattinson hair”?

"Ich vouldn’t bother getting a Zac Efron hairstyle right now, cos ich am about to change mine and he’s certain to copy me again. In terms of grooming, ze only thing he hasn’t copied me with ist getting his ballensack pierced—vell, he hadn’t had it done ze last time ich saw him."

He’s definitely a character! Click
here to read more fan questions, and pick up a copy of the July GQ to see Bruno’s sexy photo spread!