Single Ryan Seacrest Parties Pain Away with Justin Timberlake

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Single Ryan Seacrest Parties Pain Away with Justin Timberlake
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There are exactly two ways to get over a break-up: 1) Partying, in the hopes of hooking up with a hottie or 2) ice cream. Ryan Seacrest went the party route.

Just days after Ryan and Julianne Hough broke-up, Ryan was getting down with Justin Timberlake, of all people, at JT’s album release party.

And by “getting down,” we mean, “interviewing him for his radio show in-between songs at the album release party.” Settle down! Sure, it’s a misleading headline, but still, it was a “party” and Ryan was there and do you really expect Ryan to leave his house for anything non-work related? Exactly.

Anyways, while Ryan was pseudo-partying with Justin, Julianne went out to a club for the first time EVER. Julianne is rarely photographed coming and going from clubs since she’s been with Ryan Seacrest, but she was spotted outside Beacher’s Madhouse over the weekend with her gal pal Nina Dobrev, her bro Derek Hough, and her "DWTS" pal Maksim Chmerkovskiy.

It should be noted that she was puffing away on a cigarette, something we’re SURE Ryan Seacrest would never be caught dead doing. He probably doesn’t even drink, probably doesn’t even drink red wine, which is basically grape juice and totally healthy for you (no it’s not).