Ryan Seacrest Won't Make $15 Million A Year On Idol

August 7, 2009 By:
Ryan Seacrest Won't Make $15 Million A Year On Idol

There have been several reports that Ryan Seacrest just inked a three-year, $45 million deal to stay on as the host of American Idol.

But when asked about it today at the Television Critics Association panel, Fox Chairman of Entertainment Peter Rice said Ryan was still under his old contract.

Rice said, “That’s been written a lot recently. Ryan is still in his old contract on Idol.”

He went on to say that Ryan’s deal was made through CKX, a company that owns the rights to Idol and several other entertainment content. Rice said, “Ryan made a deal with CKX, which encompasses much more than Idol and Ryan is not being paid $15 million a year to be on Idol.”

So what he’s saying is that Ryan may be making bank, but it’s not necessarily for his work on American Idol! But we’re pretty sure Paula Abdul was under the impression that the boys were making a lot more than she was, which is the reason she quit!

She reportedly asked the network for $20 million dollars a session, which of course they couldn't give her, so she split. We're hearing rumors that the negotiations aren't 100% over just yet, but Victoria Beckham has already been scheduled to appear as a guest judge in Paula's place.

We think everyone needs to go back into the negotiating room and get Paula back on board, and everyone on the same page! What do you guys think? Will American Idol be the same without her?