Ryan Seacrest To Propose to Julianne Hough

January 23, 2013 By:
Ryan Seacrest To Propose to Julianne Hough
Image By: wenn.com

Are there wedding bells in the “American Idol” host’s future?

Ryan Seacrest is apparently raring to make his longtime girlfriend Julianne Hough his bride. And she apparently is just as ready.

During a recent late night appearance on “Chelsea Lately,” Ryan revealed his intentions for his adorable blonde princess like a young lad talking to his future mother-in-law.

When asked if they want to make it official with a wedding and a baby down the road, Ryan answered: “We both do.”

The entertainment news workaholic describes his dancer-turned-actress babe as, “phenomenal” and the "highlight of each day."

“She's so beautiful ... stunning,” he told reporters while walking the carpet at the Golden Globes. “She's the best part of every day.”

Though we can only imagine the seeing her part of his day is brief and happens around 3 a.m. when Ryan turns in for his mandatory two hours of nightly sleep.

Meanwhile, Julianne just seems happy to be noticed. 

“I'm kind of dating my first celebrity crush, so I feel pretty fortunate,” she previously told Us Weekly.

Ryan certainly owes Julianne a ring after that faux engagement stunt on last year’s “Idol” where she was the butt of a cruel joke. Not cool, dude…

What better place to propose than the upcoming live premiere of the singing competition? Just saying…

We’re sure that the wedding will happen just as soon as Ryan is able to pencil it into his busy schedule. Maybe they can do it in the car on his way from his radio show to the “Idol” stage. Hey, we’re just trying to help!