Ryan Seacrest vs. Simon Cowell: Who Has The Bigger...

May 18, 2012 By:
Ryan Seacrest vs. Simon Cowell: Who Has The Bigger...

The votes are in, America has spoken. And the winner is…. Ryan Seacrest!!!!!!

The Hollywood Reporter posted their 2012 Reality Power List giving Seacrest the top spot, while his older former coworker and frenemy, Simon Cowell fell in at #8.

The Reality Power List is determined by a number of factors, including the quantity of shows one has on air and their ability to create a hit or to transform a news bit and/or sensation into a full-fledged franchise. But most importantly, these “reality power” players earned their spots because they “live and thrive by the only rule that matters: Make it real, and make it really good.”

Seacrest, dubbed "The Man With A Million Jobs," proves his vast “realness” by hosting American Idol, and has a production company that’s in charge of the Kardashian franchise, Bravo’s Shahs of Sunset and an upcoming series that centers on the family life of the oldest Jonas Brother.

Cowell, not exactly a slacker, has X Factor with versions in 36 countries and Got Talent that’s currently 49 countries deep.
Since our introduction to Cowell and Seacrest, the two have had a notorious relationship rife with friendly (?) competition. Cowell’s caustic presence on American Idol initially overshadowed that of the seemingly good-natured host. And we as an audience grew accustomed to the exchange of highly charged banter that became their shtick - Cowell sitting in the big chair and Seacrest trying to hold his own backstage.

That seemed to turn after Cowell jumped off the mother ship. His X Factor failed to meet ratings expectations, while American Idol hit a high note with new judges Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez.

The plot thickens as the king of reality just finalized a $49 million deal to purchase a palatial estate--the former residence of Ellen Degeneres--a subtle property that includes multiple houses and engulfs an entire city block in Beverly Hills.

In addition to his home in West London, (that he paid approximately 11.5 million for) Cowell also has a home in Beverly Hills. The square footage of the actual house is comparable to that of Seacrest’s… but the whole property is only worth about $12 million.

So it’s official, Seacrest is taking over the city, and Cowell lives in a dump. Maybe Ryan will let him come over to the right side of the palm trees and see what a real backyard looks like.