Ryan Seacrest Upgrades to Ellen DeGeneres Home

May 15, 2012 By:
Ryan Seacrest Upgrades to Ellen DeGeneres Home

Ryan Seacrest forked up some dough for his new crib.

The “American Idol” host has purchased the Beverly Hills home of Ellen DeGeneres. Ellen’s mansion was listed at $49 million and Seacrest reportedly paid close to the asking price.

According to TMZ, the place is not so much a house as it is a palace.

DeGeneres purchased the main house for $29 million, and then proceeded to buy up all the other houses in the vicinity.

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For that rare occasion where you have three friends over and they each want their own house, the 9,200 square foot mansion has three guest homes.

There are also a couple of cement ponds and a resort-sized swimming pool. Not to mention that every direction you turn on the 2.87 acres looks like a spread from Better Homes and Gardens.

The news comes after Seacrest has been having some trouble getting rid of his own 10,000 square foot home in the Hollywood Hills. Earlier this month he dropped his asking price from $14.95 million to $11.985 million.

TMZ reports that Realtor Kurt Rappaport represented both Seacreast and DeGeneres in the deal.

Before Ellen, the house was previously owned by “Will and Grace” creator Max Mutchnick.

Obviously, the pricey purchase will open up all sorts of options for Seacrest to really stretch out and make the place home. For example, he could use at least two of the extra houses to store his millions of dollars.