Ryan Seacrest Taking Matt Lauer's Spot on The Today Show?

December 8, 2011 By:
Ryan Seacrest Taking Matt Lauer's Spot on The Today Show?

Because Ryan Seacrest can’t be satisfied having only 4 jobs (unemployment rates? What’s that?) Seacrest may be taking over for Matt Lauer on The Today Show, if Lauer doesn’t renew his contract next year.

As much as I love Matt Lauer (and I do, he’s like that safe guy that you settle down with who thinks that adults taking vacations to Disneyworld Florida is normal) but I just love Ryan Seacrest so much more.

Sources told the Wall Street Journal that Seacrest is a “possible successor” for the morning show, and he has reportedly already met with executives for the show earlier this week.

Lauer’s contract with The Today Show expires in December 2012, and even though it’s a year away, many are wondering if he’ll depart like Meredith Vieira did in June. Lauer’s got to move on to bigger and better things, I can see him having his own show. I mean, if Wendy Williams can have her own show, the talk show bar is set pretty low.

The talks with Seacrest are being described as “preliminary” and “could fall apart any time.” However, that being said, he is “one of NBC’s top replacement choices,” says the source.

Lauer has been with The Today show since 1997, sticking around for years while that show rotates in and out new anchors, beginning with Katie Couric all those years ago and now newbie Ann Curry who took over this summer. Also, what is even up with those random Today co-hosts? Savannah Guthrie, who are you?

However, Lauer has been hinting to “Today” execs all year that he might leave, so NBC wants to have a perfect back-up plan in the event that it happens.

Seacrest is currently the host of Fox’s American Idol. He hosts his morning radio show. He is one of the hosts of E! News and he produces all of the Kardashian reality series.

However, if Seacrest were to join the hosts of the Today show, he would be the only morning person who doesn’t come from a “news-readers” background. Ok so Al Roker isn’t really a “newsman” so much as he is just the “weather guy,” but it will be interesting to see if they bridge the gap between hosting shows and news shows if they bring Seacrest onto the Today show.

This would be good timing for Seacrest, his production company has a deal with NBCUniversal and it’s sister company E!, but that deal expires in early 2012, meaning that Seacrest could be looking for a new gig.

He’ll probably keep the American Idol job though, I mean all he has to do is say “stay tuned” and “after the break” and he makes like, what, $45 million a season or something ridiculous like that.