Ryan Seacrest Paid $300 Million From Clear Channel

January 31, 2012 By:
Ryan Seacrest Paid $300 Million From Clear Channel

Somewhere, Brian Dunkleman is crying in the shower.

‘Bri-who Dunkle-what now?’ Exactly.

Clear Channel has reportedly invested a whopping $300 million in Ryan Seacrest Media. What is Ryan Seacrest Media you ask? Well, it’s exactly what it sounds like. Ryan Seacrest is single-handedly his own media company now. He’s the reporter, he’s the producer, he’s the host, he’s that little machine that records the DV tapes.

The Los Angeles Times reported the humongous figure, and a statement from Seacrest said:

“We aim to build Ryan Seacrest Media into a leading multimedia company with diversified assets and interests."

You know you’re rich when you start talking about yourself in the third person. Case in point, Donald Trump.

“No one refers to Donald Trump in the third person more than Donald Trump.” ~Donald Trump

Clear Channel was also happy about the partnership. Their Chief Exec, Bob Pittman said:

"Ryan is an unmatched creative talent with success across more media platforms and involvement with a greater variety of programming and venues than anyone else in the industry."

Seacrest has been in the broadcast industry since the early 90s, but after he hosted American Idol, he shot to fame. Clear Channel then got involved in his show On Air With Ryan Seacrest.

There’s rumors now that Ryan is going to replace Steve Jones on X-Factor and might even replace Matt Lauer when Matt’s contract with NBC’s Today Show is up.