Ryan Seacrest on Sacha Baron Cohen 'Dictator' Stunt: I Knew Something Was Coming

February 27, 2012 By:
Ryan Seacrest on Sacha Baron Cohen 'Dictator' Stunt: I Knew Something Was Coming

Poor Ryan Seacreast, thanks to a totally crazy and unplanned stunt courtesy of Sacha Baron Cohen and his new character “The Dictator,” Ryan Seacrest got an urn full of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il’s ashes poured all over his Burberry suit on the Oscar red-carpet last night.

Baron Cohen was reportedly banned from the Oscars, for fear that he might do something exactly like that, so when Cohen gave just one red carpet interview with Ryan Seacrest and E! news, Ryan was sure that something suspicious might happen.

“Part of me thought he’d be up to something. I had an idea something was coming, I didn’t know what fashion or form,” says Seacrest.

Thank goodness Ryan Seacrest was such a good sport, I don’t know how many people would be okay with a dead persons ashes on their expensive tux. However, the “ashes” were actually just pancake mix.

After the incident, Ryan had to continue giving interviews covered in the white stuff. Tina Fey told Ryan, “You’re a victim of comedy.”

Antonio Banderas didn’t quite understand what was happening with Ryan’s suit front, when Ryan said he was covered in pancake mix, Antonio made a kind of “is he talking to me?” type face.

Jennifer Lopez also did her E! interview while Ryan was covered in the “ashes” and she also kind of had no idea what was going on. Ryan kept explaining the joke to her and she was like, “See you at American Idol,” like it was normal.

Later, Ryan tweeted about the incident.

“My mom always told me to pack two jackets for red carpets, always wondered why. Now I know,” he writes.

He also tweeted, “A lot of people hitting up afterparties tonight…me? I’m hosting a pancake breakfast tomorrow.”