Ryan Seacrest Launching His Own Network

October 7, 2010 By:
Ryan Seacrest Launching His Own Network

Ryan Seacrest is following in the footsteps of Oprah and launching his own television network! He already has 50 jobs, so what’s one more?!

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Seacrest is in early talks with talent agency CAA and entertainment company AEG about jointly launching a new cable network.

The business venture is in very preliminary stages, but the network's concept is described as music, pop culture and lifestyle oriented. We can’t help but note that he might want to thank The Soup’s Joel McHale for the idea—he regularly refers to E! as the Ryan Seacrest Channel.

Sources say Seacrest will continue on E! and the new channel won’t compete with it. The Kardashians just breathed a sigh of relief!

And speaking of, there’s another few people Ryan may want to thank for getting to where he is. He’s made bank off that family!

Maybe this is why Ryan didn’t end up taking over for Larry King—all along he had a plan in place to create his very own network! We don’t’ know too many other people who actually pull this off!