Ryan Seacrest Drops $50K on One Meal

July 9, 2010 By:
Ryan Seacrest Drops $50K on One Meal

Ryan Seacrest obviously has a ton of money. The man works more than anyone on the planet, and never takes time off—until this week.

Though he continues to deny they’re an item, Seacrest whisked rumored girlfriend Julianne Hough off to Italy this week, where they’ve been caught making out and making us sick.

And get this—last night, Ryan flexed his muscles a little bit, and dropped $50,000 on a super ritzy dinner in Sardinia. He and Julianne dined at the Billionaire Club for a “business dinner.”

Sources tell TMZ Seacrest picked up the entire tab (they had multiple people with them, as well as surrounding tables), which came to the reasonable 41 grand! He threw a $10,000 tip on for good measure.

Insiders say Ryan was discussing his radio deal, along with a possible deal with CBS. Even when we think he's playing, Seacrest is somehow working! Hope Julianne likes workaholics!

We also hope that waiter quit as soon as he got his cash out for the night.