Ryan Seacrest Defends His Idol Behavior

April 16, 2010 By:
Ryan Seacrest Defends His Idol Behavior

Ryan Seacrest
has been getting a lot of flack lately for being goofy on American Idol. We kind of like his silly side, but critics have slammed him for being too bizarre.

It all began when Ryan called contestant Tim Urban “Turban.” Ryan then proceeded to slow dance with a make audience member during Tim’s performance.

When Adam Lambertwas on the show, Ryan told him, "Well, my tongue is not nearly as talented as yours,” referring to the way Lambert sticks it out when he sings.

The best had to be the Brian Dunkleman line. Dunkleman co-hosted Idol with Seacrest for the first season, and was then let go. Ryan told the audience this week, "Quick update on next week's Idol Gives Back, Brian Dunkleman will host that part of the show. I'm kidding, that will be Queen Latifah."

What a dis! USA Today calls Ryan’s remark a “cruel jab” and "astoundingly obnoxious."

Entertainment Weekly said Seacrest "has completely lost his ever-loving mind."

The Washington Post referred to him as the "Seacrest monster," and says he's been "running amok on the show like an unfixed Jack Russell."

Dunkleman himself fired back at Ryan saying, "It was an attempt at a joke. But unfortunately for Ryan, instead of a laugh, he got applause. That’s never really been his strong suit. But it was a joke, and whether it was mean-spirited or not is irrelevant. A joke’s a joke; you can either take it or you can’t. And quite honestly, once you’ve had Jimmy Kimmel say in a monologue that you should be punched in the face, and at this point you’d probably be receptive to a knife in the gut, I think what Seacrest said was pretty tame."

But Ryan isn’t too worried about the criticism. He replied saying, "I was just having fun. Often I will playfully do things to amp up the energy."

It was a dis on Dunkleman, but at the same time, Ryan gave him national press by even saying his name on the show! If we were in that position we’d be happy!