Ryan Seacrest Being Sued For Ripping Off Show Idea

December 16, 2008 By:
Ryan Seacrest Being Sued For Ripping Off Show Idea

Ryan Seacrest is facing a lawsuit for allegedly ripping off a show idea from someone else! Ryan’s new reality show MMomma's Boy is supposedly not an original. A Turkish TV tycoon says it’s a ripoff of his show called Perfect Bride, which debuted in his country in 2004. Papers were filed Monday in a federal court that charge Ryan and NBC with stealing the show idea.

According to the suit filed by Luftu Murat Uckardesler, the series, which follows bachelors and their moms as they struggle to find a suitable bride for their boys, was "willfully appropriated.” Uckardesler is seeking to take Seacrest's show off the air for copyright and trade mark infringement.

Uckardesler's attorney says, "It's like me having a talent show and saying: 'We're going to pick the next American Idol." A spokesperson for NBC said it hasn't yet seen the suit, but "is familiar with the plaintiffs' allegations, which are entirely without merit."

This guy needs to calm down. First of all, the chances of any U.S. citizen actually seeing his Turkish show are slim to none. And doesn’t he realize that all reality shows are pretty much the same? You put a bunch of people in a house, and one by one they get eliminated. That’s the premise for every single reality show on TV! Do you think Ryan should pay up to Uckardesler?