Pia Toscano: You Can't Do 'American Idol' Without Ryan Seacrest

April 25, 2012 By:
Pia Toscano: You Can't Do 'American Idol' Without Ryan Seacrest

Pia Toscano became a household name as a contestant on Season 10 of “American Idol” when she was voted off in what some called the most shocking elimination in “Idol” history.

Hollyscoop caught up with the singer at the Star Magazine "All Hollywood" event to about talk Ryan Seacrest's recent news that he signed on for two more years of hosting Idol along with a fat check for $15 million.

“Ryan Seacrest is incredible to 'American Idol,' he's very quick and that's what I noticed when I met him,” Pia tells Hollyscoop, “He's just so on point and I feel that he's been with the show since the very first day that it started.”

To be exact, Ryan has been with the show since day one. If you remember, he co-hosted the first season with Brian Dunkleman. Yep, worst decision Brian Dunkleman ever made was leaving that show.

Pia continues, “I'm so happy that [Seacrest] is coming back next year. He's an incredible asset to the show and without him, I don't know, you can't do American Idol without him.”

It's been a year since Pia walked the Idol stage with Ryan, but that doesn't mean her music career has slowed down any.

“I've been working really hard on my record…It's almost done, should be done by the summer. I've been pouring my heat and soul into it,” says Pia.

Pia tells us that she's co-writing most of the songs but can't tells us when the album drops because she's afraid she'll jinx it!

“I feel like whenever I give out a release date I jinx myself, it always gets postponed every time.”