Ryan Reynolds: Things Change When You Get Married

September 14, 2010 By:
Ryan Reynolds: Things Change When You Get Married

Ryan Reynolds is on the cover of GQ this month looking as hot as ever, and actually talking about his marriage to Scarlett Johansson, which doesn’t happen often.

Reynolds admits it’s hard to have a normal life in the public eye, especially with all the rumors flying around. "Ninety-nine point nine percent of it is just absurd," says Reynolds. "Silly, you know. And then maybe a relative will call me and ask if I adopted a baby from Ghana."

One thing that did slip past the media was the fact that Ryan and Scarlett bought a house in Louisiana, which they call their primary home now. The story ran recently in the tabloids, but Reynolds reveals it’s actually old news. "Three years ago," he says, referring to the purchase date.

As for the stigma that he and Johansson are painfully secretive about their lives, Ryan says, "I think it's embellished upon. It hasn't been some covert operation. I mean, certainly the wedding was, but I believe anyone should have the right to have a private wedding ceremony. I think if anything's sacred it should be that. But for the most part—I can only speak for me, as one-half of that relationship—I choose to remain as private as possible without being secretive."

On his marriage in general, he says he has to keep his guard up. "Things change when you get married in general,” he explains. “But in terms of being a couple that's in a public situation and speculated about and all that nonsense, it's changed a little bit. I'm a little more guarded, I think. I'm a little bit more wary of having my relationship turning into a soap opera. I've just unilaterally not addressed it. That's kind of been the fail-safe for me."

Seems like they really are just a cute normal couple! Pick up a copy on newsstands now.